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Our prime bacon and gammon products are some of the finest available in the world. Sourced only from EC approved suppliers they have a variety of origins but mainly come from the UK, Denmark and Holland.

Williams of Flint Award Winning Treacle Cured Streaky Bacon

In 2009 the Williams of Flint team developed their award winning Treacle Cured Bacon. Dry cured, choice cuts of streaky bacon are seasoned then further cured in treacle for 28 days. The result is a mouth watering streaky bacon that’s a big hit with our customers and earned us a prestigious award at the annual Welsh Meat Awards in 2010.

Gammon (on Bone)
Gammon (Boned and Rolled)
Gammon (Boneless)
Back (Boneless)
Ham Shanks
Bacon Ribs

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  • Bacon Chops

  • Gammon Steaks (Horseshoe)

  • Gammon Steaks (Half Moon)

  • Back Rashers (Rindless)(Catering)

  • Streaky Rashers (Rindless)

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