Catering Butchers since 1933

Our Welsh lamb is some of the finest lamb available in the world, succulent, tender and flavoursome. Because we source all of our Welsh lamb from local suppliers and family run local hill farms. We run traditional breeds, encourage all of our suppliers to rear their lamb using traditional methods and only ever use local abattoirs. Finally we hang our Welsh lamb for 14 days before it is butchered by one of specialist butchers.

  • Leg (on Bone)

  • Leg (Carvery)

  • Leg (Boned and Rolled)

  • Saddle Lamb

  • Loin Lamb (Boned and Rolled)

  • Best End (Short)

  • Rack

  • Shoulder (boned and rolled)

  • Breast

  • Diced Lamb

  • Hand Diced Lamb (Leg)

  • Minced Lamb

Lamb Portion Control

  • Leg Steaks (Bone in)

  • Leg Steaks (Boneless)

  • Lamb Shanks

  • Loin Chops (Trimmed)

  • Noisettes

  • Cutlets (Trimmed)

  • Cutlets (French Trimmed)

  • Valentine Steaks

  • Lamb Cannon (Larder Trim)

  • Lamb Rump (Boneless)

  • Lamb Neck Fillet

  • Mutton Leg (Boneless)

  • Mutton Leg (Diced)

Imported Lamb

All of our Imported Lamb is sourced from EC Approved suppliers and mainly originates from New Zealand and Australia.

  • Leg Lamb (boneless)

  • Shanks

  • Loin Chops

  • Lamb Cutlets

  • Lamb Henry (Shoulder)

  • Lamb Neck Fillet

  • Diced Shoulder Lamb

  • Diced Leg Lamb

  • Leg Lamb Steaks (bone in)

  • Minced Lamb