Catering Butchers since 1933

Williams of Flint take animal welfare very seriously and none more so than with poultry. We strive hard to ensure all of our poultry suppliers follow a strict code of practice and deliver poultry products that are not only good to eat but that are also responsibly produced.

  • Fresh Chickens

  • Chicken Doublefront

  • Chicken Legs

  • Chicken Drumsticks

  • Chicken Thighs (on Bone)

  • Supremes (Skin On or Off)

  • Chicken Fillets (Skin On or Off)

  • Chicken Inner Fillets

  • Diced Chicken Breast

  • Diced Chicken 50/50

  • Diced Chicken Thigh

  • Chicken Wings

  • Chicken Liver

  • Fresh Turkey

  • Turkey Crown

  • Turkey Butterflies

  • Turkey Escalopes

  • Minced Turkey

  • Turkey Leg (B/less)

  • Ducks Whole

  • Poussin

  • Fresh or Frozen Goose

Smoked Products

  • Whole Smoked Chicken

  • Smoked Chicken Supremes

  • Smoked Duck Breast

  • Smoked Goose Breast

Gressingham Ducks
Gressingham Duck® is bred and reared by hand from farms in Suffolk and Norfolk. The ducks are reared free-to-roam in light airy barns with access to water for bathing as well as natural light, fresh air, fresh bedding of straw every day and continuous feed and fresh water throughout the day. This is best for the health and welfare of the ducklings. We do offer free-range duck upon request as well seasonal supplies of Turkey and Goose.

Whole Duckling

  • Breast

  • Duck Legs

  • Skinless Breast Meat as requested

  • Duck Liver as requested

  • Duck Fat as requested

  • Duck Carcasses as requested

Fresh Corn-fed Chicken

  • Whole Chicken

  • Corn-fed Doublefront

  • Corn-fed Supreme

  • Corn-fed Leg

Fresh Guinea Fowls

  • Whole Guinea Fowl

  • Guinea Fowl Fronts

  • Guinea Fowl Supremes

  • Guinea Fowl Legs


  • Quail Head On

  • Oven Ready Quail

  • Oven Ready Quail (Jumbo)

  • Boneless Quail

  • Quail Eggs

English Quail Also Available  

Free Range Poultry available on request.